Our Story

Hi, I’m Kristen Verna. My husband Tim and I are the owners of Stoned Goat Farm located in the Northern Chester County horse country. I was just a little tot the first time I rode at my aunt and uncle’s farm in NJ. Having grown up around horses with family heavily involved in the breeding and training business here on the East Coast, I guess you can say horses have always been a part of us. Several years ago, one of my best friends got me involved in a rescue operation helping to give homes to horses that people otherwise wouldn’t want. Together, we’ve rescued and re-homed numerous horses in all conditions, several of which we still own and are used in our lesson program here at our farm.
With Tim’s 20+ years experience in structural building and my 13+ years experience in the real estate industry with a trained eye for design, we make a pretty driven and hard working duo. Together we have rehabbed numerous houses while living in them and tackled several investment properties over the years. We began doing this years before all of the “Flip this or that” shows were a big hit on channels like HGTV and A&E. This, however is our very first farm rehab and we’re excited to take on this lengthy task, plant some roots and grow our business.
Tim can easily be identified as a jack of all trades. He is extremely handy and conquers some pretty big jobs that come with a major renovation, such as this one. He is also responsible for most of the maintenance around the farm keeping our facility up to snuff so it’s safe for everyone, including all of our animals. In addition to co-running the farm, he has been studying the art of home brewing the past several years and has produced some pretty good tasting batches, including one of my favorites which tastes similar to (and in my opinion better than) Blue Moon. It’s currently just a fun hobby and ongoing supply of icy cold brew for our own enjoyment. If Tim’s not brewing a batch of his Belgium Whit or hoppy IPA, he can be found hitting the trails at Marsh Creek for some serious mountain biking.
I also like to brew, but not just beer. I enjoy making homemade kombucha and I’ve been told by friends and family who have tried it that it’s pretty darn good. I also like spending time in the kitchen. I guess you can say I’m a bit of a foodie and believe the way to someone’s heart is through a good meal. I get that trait from my beloved father. My intense love for being creative doesn’t stop in the kitchen, however. If I’m not out selling houses or whipping something up in the kitchen, I can usually be found doing something crafty like refinishing old furniture, painting on canvas or writing. It’s my artsy side that drives my eye for design when attacking all of our rehab projects. But don’t be fooled by my feminine interests, I have a mean swing of the hammer and have helped with just about every home renovation project including demo work, using power tools for interior framing, laying tiles or installing kitchen cabinets. I do it all and I’m certainly not afraid to get my hands dirty. I enjoy challenging myself to try new things.
When our farm had popped on the market, I knew it was a great find. Tim and I had been on the hunt for a horse farm, but thought it would take a while for us to find the ‘right one’. Thankfully, it didn’t! From the moment we stepped foot on this property, we knew it was the one. We were able to see past the work that was needed to bring out all the hidden beauty this farmstead has to offer. It was the views of the mountains at French Creek State Park from the front and the breathtaking sunsets over our pastures out back that sealed the deal for us. We sold our previous house and settled on this farm in October of 2017.
Tim and I enjoy each and every day spent together here with our animals whether it’s over a cup of coffee during the early morning turnouts or over a glass of home brew at night to unwind and reflect. No matter the time of day, we thank God for all that he has blessed us with. It is through his power along with the help and support of our kids, Kyle (and his long-time girlfriend, Bella), our daughter, Kayla (and her longtime boyfriend, Ryan) our amazingly passionate and knowledgeable horse trainer, Alysha Barber, and the rest of our crazy and loving family that we are able to pursue our dreams and have our very own horse farm that has grown leaps and bounds in the short period we’ve been in business. Its all about surrounding yourself with the right people to help you along the way. We’re so very lucky to have lots of love and support by such amazing people.
In addition to our horses (2 of which were rescues), we also have ponies and our mini donkey named Nacho. We also have two milking goats, a large flock of chickens, two rescue cats, a Great Dane rescue named Charlie and one fish named Cheetoh
There’s so many exciting things going on around here and we have only just got started. We’re looking forward to growing our business and seeing what our future has in store.
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Tim and Kristen Verna