SGF Riding Team

The Riding Team at SGF offers our students the opportunity to test their riding skills against other riders at competitions. Students can begin to show at various levels from walking only for beginner levels to higher level jumper shows and events.

The SGF Riding Team schedule is flexible, attending several shows a year. We attend a lot of the smaller local shows as well as the bigger recognized shows and events.

Being part of the show team isn’t just about showing one’s horsemanship skills, its so much more than that. Our team of riders learn lots of life skills like respect for others, positive criticism and sportsmanship. Although typically competing on an individual level, being part of the riding team brings our riders together as one unit supporting each other from event to event building lasting friendships for years to come.

Interested in more info about our team?  Please talk with one of our trainers or you can email us at [email protected].