Do you know how to ride a horse but are still learning the ins and outs of horsemanship? Join us for a monthly clinic series with different focus topics each month such as care, nutrition, advanced grooming, bathing, braiding, mane pulling, hoof care and shoeing, show preparation, first aid, saddle fitting, tack care, trailering and much much more!

This month's clinic will focus on:

A lot of riders think that preparing their horse for a ride means giving it a quick brush and throwing a saddle on. It is definitely more complicated and complex than that. Do you know there is a right way and wrong way of grooming? Doing something the wrong way can be harmful to the horse and cause pain or discomfort. Join us to learn about the various types of grooming tools, some which you may not even know exist. Learn what each of them are used for and why it's important to use the proper tools for the horse's safety. We'll also go over hoof care and why it's an important part in preparing for a ride.

Additionally, we will go over the different riding styles and what types of saddles are used for them. Do you know there's actually a lot of variations of saddles? Do you know what you're currently riding in and if it's best suited for the riding you're participating in? Do you know the difference between a jump saddle and hunt saddle? Do you know how to tell if a saddle property fits you and the horse? These are all very important topics to cover. We will also dig deep into learning about various tack pieces and learning all about the different kinds of bridals and bits, how to properly fit a bridle to a horse and why some bits are better than others. We will go over how to care for the bridals - what to use for cleaning then and how to condition the leathers as well as how to properly store them when not in use.

Please join us as we kick off 2019 with our first monthly clinic of the series on Saturday, February 9th, from 1-4pm. Its sure to be a fun filled educational series that will leave you with a plethora of knowledge to take with you.